Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter Freedom Is Dead

Freedom Is Dead

Weapons MFG (2022)
Freedom Is Dead
Demon Hunter Peace


Solid State (2019)
More Than Bones
Demon Hunter War


Solid State (2019)
Cut To Fit
On My Side
Demon Hunter Extremist


Solid State (2014)
In Time
The Last One Alive
Demon Hunter True Defiance

True Defiance

Solid State (2012)
Dead Flowers
My Destiny
Demon Hunter The World Is A Thorn

The World Is A Thorn

Solid State (2010)
Blood In The Tears
Driving Nails
Demon Hunter Storm The Gates of Hell

Storm The Gates of Hell

Tooth & Nail (2007)
Carry Me Down
Fading Away
I Am You
Demon Hunter The Triptych

The Triptych

Solid State (2005)
Deteriorate (Top 5)
One Thousand Apologies (Number 1)
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Undying (Top 5)
Demon Hunter Summer of Darkness

Summer of Darkness

Solid State (2004)
I Play Dead (Number 1)
Not Ready To Die (Number 1)
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

Solid State (2003)
A Broken Upper Hand
Through the Black (Number 1)