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The Weak's End by Emery
The Weak's End (2003)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes by Emery

just take it back (I feel)
they're only words (your hair)
we hold the tethers (through my)
we're here together (fingers)
we paint the night (every)
only to find (silk stand)
it's cracked and peeling (takes my)
each face revealing (breath a-)
what we don't say (-way)

let's take these lines and draw ourselves out of here
this shipwreck from set-sail
we'll map the stars
tonight they help to find a way
when all is said
words can breathe more life than death

the innocence that people share
when touching on secrets and letting down hair

over and over let's not forget last time
I've kept the best parts and play them in my mind
this is tomorrow so take it or leave it

empty diaries
we have nothing to say
and we'll take the right steps to keep these pages clean
you want the answers and I see them on your face
you need to know this is where the promise breaks

I can give you my answer

i know (i know)
if you stay (if you stay)
this will be (this will)
ours to take (be ours to take)

inside i (i feel)
am overwhelmed (so good)
from holding back (i want)
but know that this won't be forever (you for all my days, but tonight...)

i can't stay here
you can't ask me
just so you would know



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