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A Thought Crushed My Mind by Blindside
A Thought Crushed My Mind (2000)
Label: Solid State

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King Of The Closet by Blindside

I answer with a restless OK but I'm about to blow when you're gone
I keep this to myself a restless OK but I fear the dawn
I've never been afraid to hide up in the dark
It's the first morning stream of pure light that makes me rather swim with the sharks
And it'll make me say I'm OK even though it hurts even more if I stay
And I'm OK. Yes, I'm OK. If that'll make your questions go away

I'm a vampire, I'm afraid the light will set me on fire

I'm cold in a way I just want to stay
And I'm cold this way

Rekon I'll close the door
Pull down the curtains stay close to the door
Mercy is for the weak, we do not train to be merciful here
Mercy is everythingI fear, we do not train to see this mercy here

Crawling again
The heart is screaming with a smile
Pride says no because of the stain
The heart pounds for love, pride says no
Because of what the heart is longing for
I'm not sure I want to be a man anymore

This choice I've got to make, I've got to make alone
A heart of stone
This choice I've got to make
I've got to make it true
A heart broken in two



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