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I'm Only A Man by Emery
I'm Only A Man (2007)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Rock-N-Rule by Emery

This is a waking up.
This is your final call and I would never
want to see you get torn apart.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe you're a part of this world.
You were a sick, sad man from the start.

Now you're not even worth my time.

I can't be stopped, I'll just keep going all the way.
You will try, but you will fail,
just say it's over and done with.

I drove around Chicago, headed to Champaign.
I passed right through the country where the
corn is as high as any God has ever made.
I saw a man beside the road he said,
"Excuse me sir, I think I've lost my way."
And I told him as I pulled back on the road
and headed south, "I've got no time to waste."
I said, "I guess you don't have faith."
(Does it matter anyway?)

It's the way you wanted. Everything in its place.

I guess you don't have faith.

This is a waking up.
This is your final call.
So don't you expect me to be there when you fall.



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