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To Sentence The Dead by Bloody Sunday
To Sentence The Dead (2005)
Label: Facedown

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Theres Nothing Relative About Family by Bloody Sunday

how can you say
that they meant so much
when times got rough
you chose to turn your back
did you believe
that you made the right decision
you made your bed
i hope you learned your lesson

i never would
turn my back on anyone
i won't follow your example
you said you'd always be here
but we know thats a lie
why did you have to say goodbye

you turn your face to hide your eyes
your false emotions are your disguise
you have to face your fears head on
stand and fight for what you love

if your enemies
are willing to die
and you're not willing to fight
the battles already lost
its over before it starts

though my life may be taken
i will defend my own
my family won't be forsaken
i will defend my own
my enemies rise up against me
i will defend my own
i am ready to die
i will defend my own
you'll never take me alive
i'll die defending my own



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