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Severed Death by Morbid Sacrifice
Severed Death (2006)
Label: Open Grave

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Whom I Serve by Morbid Sacrifice

Torn and whipped at the stake
All was planned, no mistake
Cut open shoulder to waist
Exposed the organs within
Whipped with leather stripes
Blood flowed for all healing
Wood rubbing open flesh
Dragging own death up hill
Golgotha the place of the skull
Fallen pushed rest of way
Nails through hands and feet
Cast lots under the cross
Holder of the keys
Of death and Hades
Jesus the Savior of
Those who believe
The right hand of the
Father sits at his throne
Glory to the Lamb
Who shed his blood
Demons run frightened
Scared from his name
Hallelujah praise ye
The Lord Jesus Christ
Mighty in battle
Greatest of all warriors
God in the flesh, savior of souls
Conquered death
I serve Jesus



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