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Define The Great Line by Underoath
Define The Great Line (2006)
Label: Solid State

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Writing On The Walls by Underoath

Maybe we, why don't we sit right here for half an hour
We'll speak of what I waste I am and how we missed your beat again

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place
to bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in
I'm short on time

How come you try to fit the shape of what they tell you
But mostly what they show you
That brings us home
I pray for you to move on

At this rate we cant keep up but I sure can't just sit still
I'm taking back all the things I said
Keep me filled in I swear I'll come

we walk alone back home

You're almost gone and I'm okay
I still see your shadow
To give you time to be afraid
Put over your face again
I remember your presence

I hope to God you come down
I hope to God you can feel this now

I know there must be someway out of this and all of them will be
waiting there



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