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Celestial Completion by Becoming The Archetype
Celestial Completion (2011)
Label: Solid State

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The Magnetic Sky by Becoming The Archetype

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Here at the end of the world
Planets fall and we are rising
Soul and sky are magnetizing

Here at the end of the world
We are witnessing together
The inception of forever
Time begins to bend
And then it breaks
When it's all gone
We'll be movin' on, movin' on


Lift the earth and like a wave
Carry us to shore
What a perfect
What a beautiful emptiness

And we will live forevermore
Crush the mountain in your hand
Drink the ocean dry
What a perfect

What a beautiful emptiness

To know that we will never die
A world within a world
A life that blooms in death
The blade that severs cleanly
Takes away the need for breath
A hand within a hand
A window in the eye
The heart becomes irrelevant
When the blood is on the outside
We have come alive
In this magnetic sky
We have come alive
And death shall be no more

This is what we were created for



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